Block Rockin' Breaks with DJ Red Sonja
Master track list
(A work in progress)

BRB Apr-05-2006         
Ghostface    -    Shakey Dog
The Dells    -    I Can Sing A Rainbow
Hieroglyphics    -    Powers That Be
JVC Force    -    Take It Away
Digital Underground    -    Doowutchyalike
Vaughn Mason and Crew    -    Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll Part 1
DJ Red Sonja    -    station break
Biz Markie    -    Biz Is Goin' Off
Real Live    -    The Gimmicks
Just Ice    -    Going Way Back
DJ Red Sonja    -    station break
Mtume    -    Juicy Fruit
Stetasonic    -    Talkin' All That Jazz
Sly & The Family Stone    -    You Can Make It If You Try
Banbarra    -    Shack Up
Donald Byrd    -    Dominoes
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince    -    Brand New Funk
DJ Red Sonja    -    station break
Taks    -    Chicago Hip Hop part 1
DJ Red Sonja    -    station break
Pete Rock    -    It's Tha Postaboy
Metronome     -    Mix Number 9
DJ Red Sonja    -    station break
Ghostface    -    Underwater

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BRB Feb-01-2006 Wu Show
Special thanks to our off-site co-host, Cuban Cigar.

Wu Tang Clan    -    Hellz Wind Staff
Wu Tang Clan    -    Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)
Ghostface Killah    -    Wu Banga 101
Gladys Knight    -    Queen of Tears
DJ Red Sonja    -    station break
Raekwon    -    Guillotine
Ghostface Killah    -    Winter Warz
Big Pun    -    Tres Leches
Mobb Deep    -    Nighttime Vultures
Ghostface Killah    -    It's Over
David Porter    -    I'm Afraid the Masquerade is Over
GZA    -    Labels
DJ Red Sonja    -    station break
Professor Tom LaRom    -    College Of Rap Knowledge
Ghostface Killah    -    260
Al Green     -    You Ought To Be With Me
GZA    -    4th Chamber
Ghostface Killah    -    Malcolm
Isaac Hayes    -    Goin' In Circles
GZA    -    Shadowboxin
ODB    -    Snakes
Method Man    -    Bring the Pain
Wu Tang Clan    -    I Can't Go To Sleep
Wu Tang Clan    -    Hollow Bones
DJ Red Sonja    -    station break
Ghostface Killah    -    Iron Maiden
Al Green     -    Gotta Find A New World
Mobb Deep    -    Right Back At You
Gangstarr    -    Above the Clouds
Ghostface Killah    -    Apollo Kids
DJ Red Sonja    -    station break
Ghostface Killah    -    Cherchez La Ghost
Dr. Buzzard    -    Cherchez La Femme
Wu Tang Clan    -    Triumph
Ghostface Killah    -    Walking Through the Darkness
Bobby Womack    -    Across 110th Street
ODB    -    Shimmy Shimmy Ya
Ghostface Killah& nbsp;   -    Beat the Clock
Theodore Unit    -    Pass the Mic
Wu Tang Clan    -    Method Man
DJ Red Sonja    -    station break
Raekwon    -    Knuckle Headz

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BRB Feb-15-2006

Kevin Gilman    -    Prognosis segment
Pharcyde    -    Y?
De La Soul    -    Plug Tunin'
Public Enemy    -    Caught, Can We Get a Witness?
Bar-Kays    -    Son of Shaft
DJ Red Sonja    -    station break
A Tribe Called Quest    -    Electric Relaxation
Jaylib    -    Champion Sound
De La Soul    -    Verbal Clap
Oh No    -    Move
Pete Rock    -    Appreciate
BDP    -    Jack of Spades
Professor Tom LaRom    -    College Of Rap Knowledge 7-Romance Rap
Common    -    The Light
De La Soul    -    Stakes Is High
DJ Red Sonja    -    station break
Metronome     -    BRB mix vol 5
Jaylib    -    LA To Detroit/McNasty Filth
Pharcyde    -    Runnin' (Jay Dee Extended Mix)
Beatnuts    -    Let Off A Couple
Ghostface Killah    -    Buck 50
DJ Red Sonja    -    station break
Pharcyde    -    Drop

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BRB Aug-16-2006

De La Soul    -    Potholes In My Lawn
Pete Rock & CL Smooth    -    Return of the Mecca
Black Sheep    -    Flavor of the Month
Souls of Mischief    -    Make Your Mind
Ramsey Lewis    -    Collage
Gangstarr    -    Soliloquy of Chaos
Black Moon    -    Niggaz Talk Shit
Beatnuts    -    Fried Chicken
Eric B. & Rakim    -    The Rhyme Goes On
DJ Red Sonja    -    station break
Metronome     -    Beatbox mix
De La Soul    -    Long Island Degrees
Actionspeax    -    Luca/Jacob from Denmark
Beastie Boys    -    B-Boys
Pharcyde    -    Otha Fish
KRS-One    -    Rappaz R N Danja
Assagai    -    Telephone Girl
DJ Red Sonja    -    station break
Ultramagnetic     -    Raise It Up
Ghostface    -    Malcolm
Common    -    In My Own World
Original Flavor    -    Here We Go
ATCQ    -    Midnight
Roots    -    No Alibi
Diamond D    -    Sally Got A One Track Mind
Wu Tang    -    Tearz
Nas    -    Memory Lane
Bush Babees    -    Melting Pot
Smif N Wessun    -    PNC
BRB Outro 

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BRB Feb-21-2007

KMD    -    It Sounded Like A Rock
Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel    -    White Lines
A Tribe Called Quest    -    Award Tour
Gang Starr    -    DJ Premier In Deep Concentration
Meters    -    Handclapping Song
Billy Stewart    -    Summertime
Tuff Crew    -    Bound to Ike
Ghostface Killah    -    Flowers
J.V.C. Force    -    Doin' Damage
Jaylib    -    Raw Shit
GZA/Genius    -    Investigative Reports
Hieroglyphics    -    Let It Roll
DJ Red Sonja    -    station break
Professor Tom LaRom    -    CORK-Pete Rock
Afrika Bambaataa    -    Planet Rock
Beatnuts    -    Supa Supreme
Eric B. & Rakim    -    Musical Massacre
Big Daddy Kane    -    Raw (Remix)
Jigsaw from Dustmightz    -    Gold Jerry GOLD Mix V 3   

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BRB Dec-06-2006
Co-hosted by Ronnie Reese; writer and Wax Poetics contributor.

Camp Lo    -    Krystal Karrington
Brand New Heavies     -    Sometimes Remix
Beatnuts    -    Thinkin' Bout Cash
Above The Law    -    Untouchable
Roots    -    Push Up Ya Lighter
Diamond D    -    Pass Dat Shit
Ohio Players    -    Pride and Vanity
Ghosface Killah    -    Street Opera
Mos Def    -    Speed Law 
Tone Loc    -    Don't Get Close
Alkaholiks    -    21 & Under
Lootpack    -    I Come Real with This
Ronnie Reese    -    Ronnie's selections
Ronnie Reese    -    Ronnie's selections
DJ Red Sonja    -    station break
KMD    -    What A Nigga Know
Eric B. & Rakim    -    Follow The Leader
Original Flavor    -    Can I Get Open?
Pete Rock        -    One MC One DJ
A Tribe Called Quest     -    Buggin' Out
Maurice    -    The Land Of Dew
EPMD    -    Jane
DJ Red Sonja    -    station break
Ronnie Reese    -    Ronnie's selections
BRB outro       

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BRB Jun-21-2006
My birthday show

DJ Red Sonja    -    Introduction
Newcleus    -    Jamonit
Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock    -    It Takes Two
Gangstarr    -    Words I Manifest Remix
Eric B & Rakim    -    I Know You Got Soul
BDP    -    Super Hoe
Ghostface    -   
Esther Williams    -    Last Night Changed It All
Alkaholiks    -    Make Room
De La Soul    -    Area
Wu Tang    -    Protect Ya Neck version
Mobb Deep    -    Shook Ones Part II
Push Button Objects    -    360 Degrees
Souls of Mischief    -    Never No More
DJ Red Sonja    -    station break
Pharcyde    -    Yo Mama
UTFO    -    My Cut's Correct
Metronome     -    Mix 11
Lakeside    -    Fantastic Voyage
Mos Def    -    Ghetto Rock
Mad Kap    -    Phuck What Ya Heard
Raekwon    -    Ice Cream
Fugees    -    Nappy Heads remix
Frankie Smith    -    Double Dutch Bus
De La Soul    -    Buddy
Public Enemy    -    Night of the Living Baseheads
Dennis Coffey    -    Scorpio
Midnight Star    -    Freakazoid
Metronome     -    Mix 12

BRB Oct-04-2006

Jon Caruso    -    BRB theme
Jungle Brothers    -    Beeds On A String
Raekwon    -    Spot Rusherz
The Roots    -    Game Theory
Pete Rock    -    Straighten It Out
Earl Hines    -    Our Generation
DJ Red Sonja    -    station break
KRS One    -    Build Ya Skillz
Masterminds    -    Bring It Back
Real Live    -    Pop The Trunk
X-Clan    -    Verbal Milk
FCC/BRB theme    -    station break
Camp Lo    -    Park Joint
857    -    Mouth Music
DJ Red Sonja    -    station break
Madvillain    -    Shadows Of Tomorrow
Beastie Boys    -    Finger Lickin Good
Hieroglyphics    -    No Nuts
GZA/DJ Muggs    -    Unstoppable Threats
Mr. Lif    -    Live From the Plantation
Jurassic 5    -    Improvise
Mos Def    -    Mathematics
Peanut Butter Wolf    -    Casio
Y'all So Stupid    -    Monkey Off My Back
A Tribe Called Quest    -    Bonita Applebaum
RAMP    -    Daylight
Showbiz & AG    -    Represent
Outkast    -    The Rooster
Dangerdoom    -    Crosshairs
Ultramagnetic MC's    -    Ease Back
De La Soul    -    Magic Number
Cypress Hill    -    Lick A Shot
Ghostface    -    Beat The Clock
BDP    -    Poetry
DJ Red Sonja    - closing

BRB Sep-13-2006

KMD    -    Get U Now
Lords of the Underground    -    Funky Child
James Brown    -    My Thang
Bobby Forrester    -    Sanford & Son
Camp Lo     -    Swing
MC Lyte    -    Paper Thin
Theodore Unit    -    The Drummer
De La Soul    -    Betta Listen
Junior Parker    -    Outside Man
James Tatum    -    Rite Of Peace
Just Ice    -    Lyric Licking
Metronome     -    Masquerade Mix 15
The Roots    -    Don't Feel Right (4)
Public Enemy    -    Louder Than Bombs
Kool & the Gang    -    Who's Gonna Take The Weight?
Johnny Hammond Smith    -    Dig On It
EPMD    -    You're A Customer
Grandmaster Flash    -    The Message
MF Doom    -    Gas Drawls
Mandrill    -    Hang Loose

BRB Aug-09-2006

Jon Caruso    -    BRB Intro
Spoonie Gee    -    Take It Off
Ghosface Killah    -    Kilo
Common    -    Real Nigga Quotes
Roots    -    Distortion To Static (track 3)
Run-DMC    -    You Be Illin'
Nas    -    It Ain't Hard To Tell
Michael Jackson    -    Human Nature
Smif N Wessun    -    Bucktown
X-Clan    -    Tribal Jam
Taks     -    Mix Part 1
Raekwon    -    Wu Gambinos
BDP    -    P Is Free
Swollen Members    -    Lady Venom
A Tribe Called Quest    -    Excursions
DJ Format    -    Here Comes the Fuzz
Beatnuts    -    Reign of the Tec
Jay-Z    -    Heart of the City
Cypress Hill    -    The Phuncky Feel One
Deltron 3030    -    Battle Song
DJ Red Sonja    -    station break
Black Moon    -    Powaful Impak
Oh No     -    Perception
Gangstarr    -    Full Clip
De La Soul    -    Big Brother Beat
Pete Rock & CL Smooth    -    The Basement
Mos Def    -    Fear Not of Man
Pharcyde    -    Officer
Ramsey Lewis    -    Maiden Voyage
Ultramagnetic MC's    -    Ego Trippin

BRB Apr-19-2006
The MF Doom show

Madvillain    -    America's Most Blunted
MF Doom     -    Dead Bent
Isaac Hayes    -    Walk On By
MF Doom    -    One Beer
Viktor Vaughn    -    Let Me Watch
KMD    -    Bananapeel Blues
Gil Scott Heron    -    H20 Gate blues
MF Doom     -    Safed Museli
Madvillain    -    Accordian
Dangerdoom    -    Sofa King
KMD    -    Plumskin
King Geedorah    -    No Snakes Alive
MF Doom    -    Who You Think I Am?
Skull Snaps    -    It's A New Day
Jon Caruso    -    BRB theme
Jigsaw from Dustmightz    -    Doomsaw mix
Madvillain    -    Meat Grinder
Professor Tom LaRom    -    College Of Rap Knowledge-Doom
KMD     -    808 Man
Donny Hathaway    -    Magnificent Sanctuary Band
MF Doom    -    Go With The Flow
Whodini    -    Friends
MF Doom    -    Deep Fried Frenz
KMD     -    Figure of Speech
Le Pampelmousse    -    Monkey See Monkey Do
Dangerdoom    -    Perfect Hair
KMD     -    Subroc's Mission